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Lifting Kettlebells


At HSC we specialize in hockey specific training to keep you at the top of you game. Traing with in the gym and on the ice this spring. Our 8 week programs are here to help you get a head start on the competition. With competive 4 on 4, on-ice and off-ice skills development and strength and force development work out program.  


Strength & Conditioning

Train with our knowledge able training staff. Our strength and conditioning programs are designed specifically to hockey players for both in-season and off-season traininig. the Periodized programs are design to have you in peak physical condition no matter what time of the years. 

Shooting and Stick Handling 

Get your puck touches in with HSC's shooting and stickhandling coaches, for fun and detailed drills to improve your shooting, passing, and puck handling capabilities. Learn skills that can be directly transfered to the ice and become more confident with the puck on your stick. 


On Ice Skills 

Join us on the ice, for more fun and hockey development. we put it all together on the ice. taking the skills, tecniques and strength from the gym and apply it directly on the ice with skills and details that translate to game time success. 


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